Work with a certified HIPAA coach to: Self-audit, identify deficiencies in your compliance program, and choose the correct remediation plan.



Be prepared to show auditors, Covered Entities and Business Associates your total compliance plan with the correct due diligence.



Compliance is a dynamic process. With minimal time and effort The Guard's tracking of incidents and employee training, vendor review, policies, procedures, and Business Associate management allows you to become and remain compliant.

HIPAA Compliance Guaranteed

Why The Guard?

The Guard is an all in one solution allowing any Covered Entity or Business Associateto Achieve, Illustrate & Maintain HIPAA compliance in one simple cost effective solution.

"We looked at all the options and The Guard did it all! We achieved HIPAA compliance quickly and easily."

Jim O
Horizon Medical

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"The Guard is easy to understand and came with staff trainings to make the completion of HIPAA in the entire office simple."

Danielle S
Hartland Eye Care

Guaranteed HIPAA Audit Protection

If your organization uses The Guard we guarantee you will pass your HIPAA audit!*

HIPAA Compliance in 3 easy steps...

*HIPAA Audit Guarantee - We guarantee you will be able to illustrate to any auditor, State or Federal, that you have made a Good Faith Effort in complying with the HIPAA Privacy, Security, and Breach Notifications for the HITECH and Omnibus HIPAA Rules.

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